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can this battery operated water pump be used in a toy sink?? Answered

My children have a toy sink with a recirculating pump that runs on 4 D batteries. We paid 59.00 for the sink, the kids loved it but the pump went in three days. Checking online I see that this is a big problem with this toy but my kids love it. Will this work on a toy?


you could try making a water pump, there are 'ibles here about that, and then you'll know exactly how to apply it, i made one based off of junits15's slideshow and t works nicely, i can almost assure you that it should work in a toy sink. good luck!

Look for someting manufactured for the Rec vehicle (mobile home) industry as it will be far more robust.

As Spaceship says - it can be replaced. One thought is you can have an 'overpowered' pump with a bleeder in the water container - so the output is split, and water always flows when the pump is on. When the tap is opened, water flows in both directions - this prevents the pump from overheating or building up too much pressure.

Well, I don't see "this" so you might need to post the link again. In regard to your question, any small pump will work, since minimal pressure is needed (ie. turn knob turns switch, turning pump on) Preferably something that is low powered to minimize the risk of electrical shock. If you want something that will last a long time, opt for a bilge pump, the smallest one you can find (250gph or less) These are run from 12v, but this can be supplied from a sealed lead acid battery of a bunch of 1.5s