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can this device hear through walls, and if so....up to what distance? Answered




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What is the device, we need a description and a picture.


Maybe this was obvious to others here, but I think I know why were getting these weird questions. On every single instructable page on the right hand column, towards the bottom, there is a text entry box with "Answers" above it. I guess some of our dimmer readers are taking this as "ask a question on this particular instructable your looking at right now" Maybe they need to fix this?

Yes, they do, I figured this out a while ago. Also the invitation to ask is a bit too inviting. L

. I'm afraid it would take up too much page space to explain when/how to ask questions on the form. Search Ibles, search the Web, good title, be specific, provide links, lots of details, &c;, &c;, &c.; . And, from my experiences on the 'Net, at least half of the ppl that need to read it, will just skip over it. I've been pleasantly surprised at how many of the questions are good ones. . Ie, no matter what you do, there's always a bunch of bozos. . Not that the OP is necessarily a bozo. I agree that it would be very easy to see the box as an invitation to ask something about that page.

15mm untreated plywood, plasterboard, 20mm MDF but that's about it. Bricks, concrete, lathe and plaster not much good. L

heaven help you if theres any stuffed rabbits in there.

All the way to the other side, but further if you poke a hole in the wall.