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can u please suggest me a circuit diagram for stereo to 5.1 conversion it should be like a mastering preamp? Answered

   i am trying to build a stereo to 5.1 audio converter but im just getting the data-sheets not the circuit....by goggling i found a good processor (MSP 46x2k)i think so which provides more options but im not getting a circuit diagram for it to build can any one suggest a circuit,,, http://www.tridentmicro.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Trident-MSP-44-46xyK-Brief-10036B.pdf...this is the link to the datasheet...and im not getting a site to buy this product does anyone know the site which sells it


I found the right answer to your question buddy. Just purchase a gadget CREATIVE SOUND BLASTER PRO. It has a stereo analog audio input to 5.1 output. Also it has Optical and USB input if you use laptops as your driver. It has a separated 5.1 output jack at the back side. This what I used to it right now.

if u have any circuit plz upload.

Center Channel Schematics.JPGFront channel schematics.JPGSubwoofer Channel.JPG

AOA mh.khan92 i think these circuits will help u..

Center Channel Schematics.JPGFront channel schematics.JPGSubwoofer Channel.JPG

I have a circuit of 5.1 amplifier. the circuit diagram is below. for parts list contact with me= +91847492

5.1 home theater.jpgSUB WOOFER.JPG

thank u for ur reply but pls do read the headline correctly i 2 have a class D 5.1 amp circuit....i need a converter circuit which converts stereo to 5.1

I suggest you do a search like I did and look at some of the options available to you. Obviously, anything that uses obsolete parts such as the MN3004 or the Mitsubishi M65830 will be useless. I cannot recommend a specific schematic to use as I do not know your skill set or purchasing situation. I know there is one out there that uses only regular op-amps, but I cannot find it at the moment.

Hope you find what you are looking for.


thank you so much but i have this one all ready and i also have a quite advance one built which uses op-amp but the problem is when i play music files it sounds great but when i play movies all the sound effects can be heard clearly and there very little speech sound comes out and that too its like echo...i have tested the speakers for any fault but they work great with another stereo system i have...

That's not the datasheet, thats the introduction to the part family - there are at least 4 different devices, like the MSP 4450K for example.

It LOOKS like its not a chip for an amateur - its in BGA for a start.


so then can u suggest me a one...i dont like to buy any company product but build it myself thank you for the reply