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can u use a plastic 5 gallon bucket for hanging tomatoe? Answered

I say one of these but I hit the wrong key and I can not find it I am new to the site. can you help?




9 years ago

You can definitely use a 5 gallon bucket to grow tomatoes - right side up or upside down! Either way, cut a hole about 1.5 - 2 inches in the center of the bottom, big enough to put your plant through. If you're going upside down, push your plant through from the inside of the bucket and fill the bucket with dirt and hang. If you want to plant it right side up, dig a hole for your roots, put the plant in from underneath the bucket and set the roots in the hole and the bucket over the hole. The bucket ends up being a weed barrier and a "cage" for support. You may need to put rocks or bricks in it to keep it from blowing over. If you are hanging it upside down, you may want to put a lid over it to keep weed seeds from finding their way in, and don't forget to water it regularly!


10 years ago

The author of this instructable thought they were ugly, but is apparently very familiar with them. The instructions there should still apply. You might also check the comments at the bottom.