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can we have the old search back on instructables? Answered

I liked the search that pulled up the pictures to each instructable, not a google search engine list of the site... It just seemed easier...?


The graphical search does not work as well as it did before. There is no relevant items also it brings up other items that are not instructibles

Just type into the search space and click on graphical search

I liked the old one too.  But there is a button up on the search bar that says "graphical search", which brings back the old one.  But now it isn't working for me anymore. so it must be a "PRO only" feature.


no i just tried it and i'm not a pro user. you input what you want to search for and
instead of pressing the search button you hit the graphical search button. i hope this works for you.

Nope, it's not working for me, either. I posted a topic in Help:Bugs just a couple of minutes ago.

It seems to be working fine.  The default is a search for the letter "a."  Just change that to your own search terms and it works fine.

 i like the old one too. i hate when websites change the style of the website.

Use the Graphical Search link right next to the big orange Search button.

It will come up with a default search of "a" (i.e., everything).  You can then type your own search terms into the box, use the pull-down menu to limit classifications, just as before.