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can we made led dotmatrix diplay up to the knowledge of 3rd B.Tech student and how(clue)? Answered

Myself is a B.Tech student in ECE
I'd like to show to my juniors how can use our knowledege till this day
in implementing projects if possible products.
For I have planed for a led dot matrix display in my campus and that display must cross the knowledge of my juniors standard even if it cost more than as it is in market
Because as a first year student I have studied some much only for marks but I want to see those in practicles. no one is guided me.
Myself want to be a gudie to my juniors those who have faced problems like me
Pease send your valuable suggestions to move further in this
thank you


Weeeellll, here's a clue !


Ask if you want clarification. I have the beginnings of a further instructable, and some PCB artwork being planned.


What do you want it to do?
Do you want to interface it to a computer?
Do you want to build the interface from parts or buy a prebuilt interface?
How big do you want the matrix to be?
What do you want it to display?  Words, numbers, patterns?