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can we use a kite for increasing speed of wind mills. by tying kite while it is going up to the back of wind turbine.? Answered

 i wish some one  passes the thread of kite once going round thru backside of wind turbine then if the kite flies higher the thread will move blades of wind turbine faster and we can get more electricity for very less effort . 


I hadn't seen this .  I wanna fly a kit for a living.

Your idea will only work while the kite is rising.

There are several kite-based power-generation ideas, though.

As well as the Laddermill mentioned by streveastrouk, another promising system is M.A.R.S.

I am also of the opinion that simple tethered kites could be used to suspend more traditional wind turbines at higher altitudes than normally possible, in faster, steadier air-streams than nearer ground level.

What happens when the kite gets to the end of the string?

...then as the kite attempts to drag the windmill faster than local windspeed, the mill acts as a windbrake.

There are schemes for power generation using kites, but they don't involve lifting windmills.