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can we use dish made up of glass in oven for baking bread? Answered





8 years ago

If you use oven proof glass to bake something that would normally be baked in a metal container-put it on a metal baking sheet.

Glass is not the best thing to bake bread in at all, but you can 'up' the heat conduction with the baking sheet.

I'm sticking that tip in my head for good. nice tip Z!

Thanks! I took a three year sabbatical between careers, and went to cooking school.

This tip is from the dim and distant, but it works! 

ooh...well lucky you! (And lucky me, for benefiting from your classes indirectly :-)

I'd never heard that one, although in retrospect it makes sense. I always have to increase my cook  time (alot) and change the temperature to compensate (box mixes tell me to do this) when I bake brownies and such using a glass dish. And things never quite turn out like they do in metal. but I suspect that next time, when I try your advise, I may end up with a bit better results.

thanks again Z

btw... "the dim and distant" made me smile... very poetic. a veritable gem here at often illiteratables.

If it's oven-safe glass -- pyrex or similar -- sure. I have three loaf pans, one metal and two glass, and I find that bread bakes equally well in any of them.

If you use a glass baking dish, of course. The cooking time and temperature may have to be changed to produce a result similar to what you expect, since most bread recipes that call for a pan require a metal bread pan, and glassware changes the rules both in time and temperature.

yes my mom does it all the time make sure that the dish is pyrex