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can you add more channels to an RC toy? Answered

title pretty much says it, i know it will depend on the chip, but is it possible in any way? most of the ones i have are fairly cheap rc cars/helicopters


What for?
The existing signal could be modified to carry more data, but that would mean hardware modification.


thats what i want to do, but i don't know how

You need to know how they work, and finding out how your model does and fiddling with it etc could be hard.
You'd be better with 2 on different frequencies.


If you have another toy and transmitter that you can gut, it would be relatively straight forward. I've been thinking about stealing the guts from an old toy heli whose lift assembly has worn out for use in another cheap toy heli to add certain functionality it didn't originally have.

You'll need to make sure you have no cross talk problems, so hopefully the toy(s) involved are of the same ilk and can be channel switched to ensure no comm issues.

Sometimes! A few toys I have disassembled have a chip that has more ch on it but not connected and it was possible to get the outputs working. Same with cheaper RC Tx and Rx they may have more channels available than advertised.

you will need access to a scope to see what is happening

one of the free PC sound card scopes will do.

Of course if you can find part numbers for the chips and look up the pinouts, you may not need a scope.

or cheaply...
or quickly... The 'reasonable' triangle has just collapsed.