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can you answer a few questions i have on SLA batteries? Answered

1.As you can see in the diagram i have eight 4.5 AH SLA batteries joined together to make four 12 volt 9 AH batteries. how would i incorporate my bigger 7 AH 6 volt SLA into this?

2.Is my math correct that i did up in the corner?

3.Does an amp an hour storage in a battery mean it will supply one amp for one hour?

4.If so and my math is correct i would have 516 watts of power for one hour stored in these batteries?


1. what are you trying to achieve with this setup? What are you trying to power?

2. NO. A battery’s amp-hour rating indicates the total amount of energy it will deliver at a constant rate of discharge over a period of 20 hours before it reaches a voltage at which it is stone dead for all practical purposes. It cannot be used to calculate the total available power. The batteries can offer as many amps as you need but they will drain faster with a higher load. If the load is too high you can destroy the batteries.

3. No see above.

4. nope.

so a 4.5 ah battery will supply 4.5 amps for 20 hours?

No ! It will supply 4.5/20 amps for 20 hours, which is mathematically the same, but isn't in the presence of real world physics


If you want to keep it a 12V supply then leave the larger 6V out of it or buy a second large 6V. Right now what you have is a good long running battery setup.

Ok thank you you have been a big help with these batteries I am totally new with them and don't have any experience with sla battery charging.

I am trying to achieve a bank of 12 volt batteries. To power a project I'm working on.