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can you change household items that plug into the wall to battery powered? Answered

i was wondering for a few reasons if this could be done and if someone with skills in this department to tell me n how to do saflety please i wud be really greatful for any comment......


its a neon light which i need to be ran forom battery if poisable all i know about it tho is what it says on it like da plug 250V 13 amp i wouldnt know any more tho and what size of battery i would need if it could be done ats what i need to find out be greatful for any info at all...

Hmm, that is a bit tricky. You can not run this device off of DC directly. I think you might need to have a power inverter convert DC to AC. 13 amps is a lot of Umph :-) You can buy inverters and that may be your best bet: you will need to match an inverter to the kind of batter you will be using, but an automobile or truck battery will work best to deliver that kind of power.

so i could use a car battery but i would still need a converter tho your saying to make it work and make it possible

i helped guyfrom7up with this problem a while ago; attach the end marked 1 1/2 to 9 volts to a 9 volt batterie, but a 9 to 110 or 220 volt transformer (buy a reduction transformer (110/220 to 9 volts) and wire it backwards) and attach the outputs to the input on the neon sign transformer. oh, according to this book, you will need to use a 1M series resistor on the output leads, and may have to experiment with c1's value. to achieve the needed amperage, you may also need to use several of these circuits in parallel.

iroda solderpro 35.jpg

i have found a converter for car battery it is variable from 400/1200 watts would this be ok to power the light

it depends. even the circuit i provided is flawed on this aspect: a car has an alternator to charge the battery. outside a car, the battery runs down fairly fast when connected to high amperage devices like fridges and heaters. you converter would work fine assuming you recharged the battery before and after use, and did not use a high amperage power source.

thanks tech-king i will have it all sorted now i am going to run a power wire from my battery to the converter and let the alternator charge it while im driving thanks for the info...

Darlington pair!!!!! Tasty.

Tech-king has a good circuit listed below: I was a bit surprised at the amperage requirements for neons. It was not as high as when I last worked with them (of course, some radios still had tubes in them back then :-) You may not need the "deep cycle" auto or marine battery to supply the amperage needed.

of course. its on of the simplest and most useful in my repertoir. this is the 3rd time i suggest it.
although the battery does not need to be huge, it does need some decent amperage.

explained the wise engineer...
several seconds before giving himself an electrical shock j/k

most devices, yes

Yeah, I run my refrigerator from a AA 1.5 volt battery during power outages.

Well, according to HouseholdHacker, that's the best way to run a TV...

I am surprised he didn't suggest a lemon or a potato maybe *shakes head*

lemons are way to expensive these days.

Believe it or not, there are a number of DC only homes in my area. It is not cost effective to transform DC to AC when using solar, batteries, etc.

let me elaborate more, if it's a wallwart based device, then you just need a battery with the same voltage. For example, if you're walwart says 9 volts, just use a 9 volt battery. If it says 3 volts sjust use something like 2 AA's

thanks very much for the info i sud be sorted now thanks a millions.

Make sure the output is DC first though. Some things run off of low voltage AC (yeah, weird, but I have seen enough of them, I have a wallwart at home from a modem that has a 7v AC output on it *shrug*). Converting something with higher voltage but still low amperage to DC would require a DC to AC converter. If the amperage requirement is very high, making one would be difficult at best.

If you can post a picture (clear with macro) I can tell you.