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can you change the frequency on a sony remote? Answered

im trying to have multiple remotes controll different robots that only respond to a sony remote. were using a pickaxe computer chip and  have about 4 robots that are going to be running at the same time. we need this for our robotics and game design class in school so it cant be too expensive but any help would be great.


It might be easier to just make your own controllers with some more picaxes.... At least then you'd know everything about what you were doing, not guessing at how Sony implemented it.

Not easily - The remote will be driven by a micro controller and almost certainly this controls the frequency of the transmission - this is normally 35Khz or very close.

There are other options you will not be using all of the buttons on the controller for every robot so simply pick a different set of buttons.

The remote sends a number so there will be plenty of available options available.

Your programming will allocate the appropriate numbers to the actions you want them to do.

You need to study the relevant part of the interfacing and command manuals so you understand how the system works.

you'll probably need to change both the transmission and reception side for it to work . I'm not saying it can, but logically speaking, it should be doable. Devil's in the details.