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can you change the output cable of a security camera from RCA out puts to USB for computer use? Answered

i have a security camera from bunker hill security and it has an output cable that looks like a phone cable. the A/V outputs on the camera are RCA connections. I want to know if there is a way to change the RCA A/V cable to a USB output so i can use it to output onto the computer instead



Best Answer 8 years ago

RCA video signals are analogue composite video.

Usb is digital (ones and zeroes) that use various protocols to transfer data between one end and the other.

It is possible to encode video with a cheap video dongle, but they are NOT EVEN REMOTELY pin compatible.

Video encoder usb card http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5707 10 dollars shipped.


7 years ago

I bought a usb adapter cable on ebay. I plugged my bunker hill security camera with the av plug into it then into my computer. only problem is you can't use the sound. just video.


8 years ago

Not easily. Just because USB has four wires and the phone-like cable has four wires doesn't mean they use compatible protocols. Get a USB video capture device that has RCA connections on one side, and plug the camera into that instead.


Answer 8 years ago

the phone cable line has a line for power , one for ground , one for audio and one for video. it is split further down the line into a 12v adapter connection and two rca connectors. one for video and one for audio.