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can you either add input jacks to a portable dvd player or use screeen as standalone? Answered

I have a portable dvd player without input jacks. I would like to have it use rca ports.



8 years ago

well, if the same company that made your DVD player manufactured others, too, you may have a cheaper variant of an existing player with RCA inputs. strip it down and have a look on the motherboard for some existing circuitry.

Sigh. what a cheap Player. My dad got it for working at a company for 25 years. I told him to get the surround sound system :P

Mine actually has 3.5mm video and audio ports on the back for input but for you it would probably be better to go in and hook a pair of probes up to a tv through rca and probe the cables going to the screen. From there you can try and splice in you own rca ports.

If it doesn't have an input jack that you cannot input video into the dvd player simply I would say that someone asking this question would not have the knowledge to do such a thing.

It doesn't have any inputs?
Could be tricky, first you'd have to take it apart, and then you may not be able to feed a video signal into it. (Audio wouldn't be too hard though)
I'd say "no" from a practical perspective.