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can you fix a wet iphone 4? Answered

With my mind on something else I very very stupidly(i KNOW I KNOW)put my almost brand new iPhone 4 into the washing machine. Its been drying for 3 and a half days but still wont turn on. My new plan is to put it in rice,leave it in the airing cupboard overnight and try plugging it into my laptop in the morning. Any other advice?




5 years ago

As far as I know this always seems to be true with electronics(battery operated) and and stuff that is electrical (plugged into a wall socket, if it has any power going to the device at the time at all water will fry it. I've seen the effects of water on a circuit board with power supplied to it, it's not pretty. There may be some cases were you luck out but not many. If it's dead most of the time it's dead but I have had a couple of instances were once it dryed it was ok (an electronic device).

if the screen doesnt work try opening it up and open the mother baord and wash it down with alcohol then its shuld work and if it doesn work then try putting it to DFU mode cuz mines work from that

If you dropped it in, and pulled it right back out, you might have a chance- put it in the rice as quick as you can. If it ran through a whole cycle, I'm afraid to say it's likely pretty much a nice looking paperweight now. You might leave it in the rice longer than just overnight too, like 24-48 hours or so.

I lent my iPhone 4 to my girlfriend for the night because she wanted to go on facebook. I came round to get it the next day (after I tried calling a number of times and the service provider telling me it was switched off) yeah I went around to get it and she handed it to me without saying nothing. I asked her if it was flat and she said "Nah babe, I coincidently left it in my jacket pocket and it went through a whole spin cycle" I dried it out in the rice and have left for a week or so then plugged it into iTunes before and still nothing. Then it registered in iTunes and it told me that it was restoring it but then it said the restoration failed and now nothing. . . . Is there any other way I could fix it!?

a great place that can repair it for more info 888-990-7555 or www.BrokeMyiPhone.com

If this doesn't work you can try bringing it to apple and tell them it wont turn on (don't mention the water...shh). My friend threw a water balloon at me and got my iPhone 4 wet and it caused it to restart over and over. Eventually it stopped and permanently made the phone think it had a speaker plugged in, resulting in no noise ever out of the speakers.

I brought it to apple and they simply gave me a new one!

well the only thing i can say is that its more likely 2 survive if u didnt use it afte. that will fry the electronics.