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can you fix the star-burst return system on a yo-yo? Answered

I am using a Yomega xodus 2 for offstring play, and lately it has not wanted to come back to my hand, and I was wondering if there is a way to fix the star-bursts! Any and all suggestions welcome! THANKS IN ADVANCE!


I FIXED IT! I used some hot glue! works good! :D

Are any pieces missing in the photos? It's hard to tell how the mechanism works (or if it has moving parts --

Generally for 'dumb' yoyos where the return is based on a flick of the wrist causing slackin the line, it's all down to string tension, not the yoyo itself.

no, it is not missing any pieces, and at first it was a 'dumb' yo-yo, but now it is in-between were if it is spinning very fast, you can just tug and it will come up, but if it is spinning slow, you have to tug rather hard. lately, i have been using this yo-yo as my off-string yo-yo, and sometimes when i bind, it will come back, but other times it won't. and also, would you happen to know why my dv888 has been getting an amazing amount of knots in it? i'm thinking its just me, but when i bind, sometimes, IT GETS ALL KNOTTED UP! :S any help would be wonderful!


Unfortunately, as joe says -- its probably not reparable then. As for the knots, I'd assume that also has to do with tension -- the wrong tension makes lots of loops in the line when it slacks off, and that's just begging to get tangled.

from a article i read, if they are worn down or broken, they can't be fixed. heres the link: http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/Response_System scroll down till you get to the starburst section.