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can you f***k your lip up if you do it your self?? cause my lips been numb 4 a while!? Answered


Yes you can. Picture?


 I'm assuming that it is some sort of piercing (just a vibe I get) or other sort of modification.  And yes, you can severely f**k your lip up if you try to do it yourself. The risk of infection is great, and can cause lasting damage.  SEE A DOCTOR.  NOW.

As others have suggested, yes, you can clip a nerve. Lips are very well fed by nerves...(why do you think kissing feels good?) Regarding infection...from personal experience with a sloppy ear piercing when I was much younger (by a gf and self-piercing earing of course) I'd urge you to get your handy work checked out by a doctor at your earliest convenience. If you're cash poor, hit up a free clinic if you can. BTW, nerve damage isn't the only thing that can cause numbness...Infection can produce numbness too.

In the lower lip at least, I know the nerves from the Mental nerve  is wired through your skull and emerges from your chin, directly below the corner of your lip and then into the corners of your lip. I had major surgery inside the jaw 12 years ago, and I STILL have odd sensations around there, where the surgeon removed a cyst. I'd reckon the further you are from the midline of your lip, the more likely you are to fsck something serious.

See a doctor.


8 years ago

Yes...., you've pierced your lip haven't you??

As a grandma I am TELLING you to go to the Doctor. The advice here is spot on. You could have cut through a nerve ending.

I should know;-my grandson did the same thing. After he was fixed up by the hospital........................., I gave him a clip across his ear!!

A good thing you are not in range, young man!

You may have damaged a nerve or the flow of blood.  You can live with a numb lip, but if you've damaged the blood flow your lip will start to die and that is BAD.  Get it checked out like the others said and maybe the can save it.

If you do what yourself?

Define "a while".