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can you get drunk by eating candy made with alcohol? such as chocolates with bourbon in the filling? Answered

I was wondering if you could get drunk from eating candy made with alcohol



Its kind of like asking, "Can you get drunk from sauce with wine?". It might be possible, but why? WHY? But no, probably not.

In many recipes that use alcoholic beverages, most of the alcohol boils off as the dish is cooked. Depending on the candy, how it's prepared, and when the wine or liqueur or whatever is added during the process, the alcohol content may be near zero. Or it may be high, if something high-proof is added at a stage where it will not get cooked down. So, as GuardianFox said: It depends.

Depends on the candy. Most will be labeled clearly, at least in Canada... so read the package! I've seen liquor-filled chocolates that had half a shot or more of hard liquor in them. Found them at the liquor store and they're labeled and taxed like any other liquor. Those will definitely get you drunk. Then there's the kind you can buy at Walmart that's sold as a candy and not bothered with sin taxes and regulations: Most liquor filled chocolates don't contain that much booze. A lot of the ones sold here contain a small amount of liquor and syrup. The ones we have leftover from Christmas have about 2mls of liquid in them... and given that it's a thick syrup, I'll bet only half of that is alcohol. You can probably eat as many as you can stand of these without feeling it. There are even a lot of liquor chocolates with NO alcohol. They're liquor-flavored. Just corn syrup and flavorings. Either way, the entire box at Walmart often contains less than a shot of alcohol. The third kind is boutique or home made candy/desserts. The first thing that pops to mind is rum-balls, a popular Christmas treat here. Essentially it's a ball of chocolate dough soaked in rum. Some folks make them with just a splash for taste, while others deliberately try to out-booze the neighbors with them. No government regulation there, so it's at-your-own-risk. Nobody I know of has ever eaten enough rum balls to get drunk, however they're generally served with mixed drinks so it's hard to tell. Boutiques and restaurants sell similar treats, and usually won't bother with regulations or a liquor license. The same rules apply, but in those cases you can usually ask the proprietor how much booze they poured into your vodka parfait.

I would think that you would suffer from the fact that you just downed a couple of boxes of chocolates and quit before you had enough alcohol in ya

I think you'd be violently ill on the chocolate before the booze would get you !

Yes, if you eat a lot. The alcohol content is low, but in the UK you have to be 16 to buy liqueur chocolates.