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can you hack a picture viewer keychain to show vidieo? Answered

I want to use a small cheap keychain picture things to show video form a cctv camera for a rov remote monitor. I just don't know if its possible or how to do it if it is. please help its driving me insane and thats not a far drive for me!


thank you all for your help!


8 years ago

yes and no.

it has been done: http://spritesmods.com/?art=picframe.
however it will get about 8 frames a second. which is relatively useless for streaming video.

There are anumber of better/cheaper ways of doing this.

-use a video capture card on a laptop.
-use an rca to vga conveter (grand videocentral) device and use a computer monitor.
-use a small tv (there are some you can buy that are designed for use in cars, in my experience, they work well, such as the pyle view series)

thats what I thought I just didn't know in this case as it often is was the size I wanted. I was looking at the ones for the car yesterday and I think if I take the cover off it will come close to the small size I was looking for. thank you for your help!

The lcd itself is probably capable. The driving electronics probably lack the ability to take a live feed and output it to the screen :( Simply put, it would be a huge project. NOT impossible, but it would take a lot of very precise reverse engineering and technical know-how, and probably more expense than buying a small lcd tv.

You said what I thought, and rather well too. L