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can you help me build a Solar powered wireless camera Answered

Hi guys,
I have a little project here for some of you that I would like to find out how to go about making.i bought a wireless mini cctv camera

Camera apparatus: 1/3 1/4 picture sensor
Validity pixel : PAL:628*582 NTSC:510*492
Picture area: PAL:5.78*4.19mm NTSC:4.69*3.45mm
Horizontal definition: 380line
Scan frequency: PAL / CCIR: 50HZ NTSC / EIA: 60HZ
Minimum illumination : 3LUX
Sensitivity: +18DB - AGL ON-OFF
Power output : 50MW
Frequency output : 0.9G/1.2G
Frequency control : Adopt CPU frequency lock the wreath to control, with high frequency stability
Size: 20*20*20(mm)
Deliver the distance: 50-100M
Voltage : DC+8V
Current : Current :
Power consumption : <=640MW

What I want to know how to do is to power this by solar (al the time)
so I can leave it unattended permanently without having to keep changing the batteries.
i dont need to power the reciever by solar just the camera but if you like you can do that too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and I know nothing about capacitors and the likes so try make it easy for me : )
i hope you can make sence of the specs cos i cant. :)
And the smaller the better.

Thanks guys


Holy crap! A camera that consumes 640 MegaWatts!

Just FYI -- big M means mega -- little m means milli. There's a HUGE difference between the two (but in this case its easily understood what you mean :P).

I have one of those cameras.... Well, the wireless version :P It sounds like you're making some sort of security system? Just to make sure; you do understand that when the sun goes down, your camera will go down with it?

If I just wanted it on while it was sunny - I'd get one of those car battery panels off of eBay (usually rated up to 1.5watts) and a voltage regulator to bring it down to around 8 volts.

Now, since this is a CCTV - why not just run power to it allong with the rest of the closed circuit wiring?

that is the wireless version im using. i wanted to place it outdoors hidden in the garden facing towards the house without having wires leading from the house as a give away to were it is. as to the power consuption of megawatts i just copied and pasted taht so i just assume its rigt but hey wot do i know lol

hey man if you want help with this email me on the-domino-effeckt@hotmail.com caus i have only just completed the very same project peace out tim

ok to my understanding of this (solar) is taht to power it during sunlight i just need to hook up solarcell/panels to the power cord and to have it running at night id need to store power in battery's some how?? am i correct in this??

trebuchet was confused by you using the term "CCTV" which, of course, stands for "Closed Circuit T.V." This would mean you would have wires running to it to receive the video instead of using an antenna. One of the main problems with wireless is that most of them will interfer with one another (unless you have only one on at a time, which cuts down on the amount of areas you can watch). I also have a wireless camera (the waterproof, IR bullet kind. Only a little bigger then you have in the photo) and was thinking of doing something similiar to what you want to do. I took 2 solar powered garden lights apart and started to make the power supply (I planned on having them connected together and up to larger batteries) but I never finished the project cause I decided to switch over to CCTV. So unfortunately I am unable to help you in this area, though I, myself, will be needing help with my iris controls later :) Hopefully someone else can elaborate on how to hook up the solar lights (or whatever else) to enable you to wire this up.

thanks french my bad with the use of CCTV. shall amend that thanks. i think i might be able to construct something if i only about solar as in how it works. i shall google to see wot i can find out .

hey mate email me the-domino-effeckt@hotmail.com im doing the exact same thing with mine so i will be able to help you along cheers tim :)

hey man if you want help with this email me on the-domino-effeckt@hotmail.com caus i have only just completed the very same project peace out tim