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can you help with homework? Answered

im in algebra 1 and need help on a word problem The scenario is a cinama sells 532 buckets of popcorn for 1489.50. A large bucket sells for 2.25 and a jumbo sells for 3.75. Questios: 1.write an equation to model the situation (slope intercept or something) 2.how many jumbo buckets were sold?


I hate math, yet love a good eqaution, I enjoyed this one.

well it is supposed to be an equation but the calculations from las vegas did help get me started.


11 years ago

Note that none of LasVegas's help qualifies as an "equation" for an algebra class :-) If you're at that part of the class, I'll note that you have two unknowns (Jumbo buckets and Large Buckets), so you'd really want two equations, which would make it all simpler. If you're not doing simultaneous equations, ignore me and look at LasVegas's hints...

Yes. I gave him the calulations he needed for the equations and left it up to him to generate the appropriate equations.

532 * 2.25 = 1197.00

1489.50 - 1197.00 = 292.50

292.50 / 1.50 = 195

532 - 195 = 337

Your job... Should you decide to accept it, is to determine what the above equations reference and what to do with that data... This cheat will self-distruct in 30 seconds....