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can you make a baseball sized sphere fly by putting a fan-thing in it? How? Answered

if I can't use a fan, wat can I use while keeping it perfectly sphericle? It also has to sort of control itself with voice comand overide


Nothing you could afford (I guess) noe have the technology to reproduce.

I got stuck with the base ball sized hovering flying vehicle without even thinking about the programming and electronics to make it voice activated.

Look at it this way - If I describe how a TV works (there are plenty of web sites that do so) could you make one?

It's not as easy as telling you how. Actually there are hovering and flying spheres, not as small as a bas ball though.


if you want to see one.

That's brilliant - And not out of reach of the hobbyist.
The control schema wouldn't be that different from a model helicopter but you'd be controlling spin with flap deflection rather than a tail rotor. 
Slap together a Rx, two servos, a gyro, a brushless motor, a couple of LIPOs and a microprocessor and you're halfway there ;¬)


7 years ago

There are two kinds of two power blade helicopters.

Certain helicopters use the turbine exhaust fumes to compensate for a single
power rotor and replace the little tail prop..

so, I could put rotors on it, but how can I compensate for the tail? I need 2 keep it perfectly spherical

You gota ask - the answers no. Lack of finance and skill/knowledge that can't be imparted remotely.

No (unless it's an RC helicopter like ice' says)



7 years ago

Harry Potter superknexbuilder needs you :-)