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can you make a subwoofer from computer audio system go boom booom boooom in a car without adding an amplifier? Answered

I have a spare logitech g51 speaker system and want to use the subwoofer in my car instead of purchasing an entire car designed subwoofer, box, amp, wires, crossovers, etc., etc.


dont do it!!

the computer sub box just isnt designed to work optimally in that kind of acoustic environment, and will sound pants

more importantly, beware of impedance issues.  Car speakers are rated 4 ohm, whereas desktop systems and home hifis use 8,16, or even 32 ohm speakers.  Mismatching rated impedance values can result in poor sound quality, distortion, which will cause speaker death, or worst case cause terminal damage to the car stereo

put the system youve got on ebay and save for an amplified sub, or invest in some beefy 6x9s with a good low frequency response

for the cheapest possible thing to do with it would be to re route one of your car speakers power and negative to the subs (however you lose a speaker) + and -. i did it with some horrible compy sub to a home radio. yo have to take out the sub and just use the + and - and bypass the subs amp (most compy subs have an amp in them. they are called "active speakers" by bypassssing the amp ur turning it into a passive).

You should be able to run it off a 12V to 120VAC inverter. Computer subs aren't very powerful. But, it's not hard to find a good used car amp cheap, and those will stomp all over any computer sub amp. It's yard saleing season... wake up before noon some weekend and explore the wilds of suburbia.

if the circuit inside needs 12 V then disconnect the existing power supply inside and connect 12 V from the car to the correct place on the board