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can you make a wii u and a xbox 360 both use 1 diskdrive together? Answered

what the topic said


i know about him but i am pretty sure he just put them in new cases them like he usaly dose thank you though

Check out the Ben Heck show on Youtube or Element 14. He did a combo system not to long ago that may give you some incite.

the WiiU's DVD drive uses a flatflex ribbon cable to connect to the system. The 360 uses a SATA DVD drive. In order for both systems to use the same drive you'll need to figure out the wiring of the Wii's drive and hope it's SATA and an easy rewire. It may be best to power the drive separate from the systems but have them all share a common ground.

Seems unlikely but there was a guy recently who included all kinds of consoles in one: