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can you play airsoft in the rain, high humidity, and snow Answered

can you play airsoft in the rain, high humidity or snow? will rain affect a spring snipers acuracy? can you do anything to water proof a gun i have aAGM MP-001 Sniper M700 Style Spring Power Sniper. I have limited experience with assembling/disassembling airsoft guns.



As long as no water gets inside. Hot glue whatever worries you. Unless it's practically underwater, it should be fine.

You should be OK, but there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. First of all, if you get snow or ice inside the barrel or workings of the gun, it could crack some of the insides. There are a couple of ways to prevent this: 1) use a bi pod to support the gun. This will raise the barrel off of the ground and help prevent it from being exposed to the elements 2) Try and get a barrel for the gun cover. They can be found for about $5 online, and come in red, green, or black usually. They are about 3 inches long and just cover the barrel. Some of them are made so that they won't come off even through repeated shots at 400 FPS, and some are made to come off easily. For instance, U.S. marines use them in arctic environments, and they come right off when you shoot. Do some research 3.Clear it with an unjamming rod, and then clean it out with airsoft gun lube or even real gun lube. Do this after every game, or even in between rounds. 4. Shake out the magazine before you put it in. This should help get out all of the debris that could harm it. That should cover most terrain. For the most part, rain and high humidity won't cause too much damage if you take care of the gun.I live in Florida and play all year round, so we have A LOT of rain and very high humidity, and we've not had that many problems. The only thing I can say is that it's more likely to jam because water will condense, and the rain can bring pieces of dirt into the barrel. Wet dirt will also be more likely to jam.

In the snow is pretty fun except you need gloves on your hands but not to thick so u can move and water cant ruin a spring airsoft gun i got my old pistol filled with snow and it melted and then it worked perfectly but if ur guns high end dont set it down in the water/ snow

yea shure just make shure you wipe yore gun down reely good or thats the end of it.

We've played in the rain a couple times. It's pretty easy to tell where the water could seep in to the gun, and in a spring rifle, I don't think there would be many spots where it could cause a problem, particularly if your bolt is greased up as well as mine. I have played large games in snow. Springs should work, though keep in mind that metal does react to the cold, so over the life of your gun, the spring might wear out faster if you play in the cold too much. Electric is ok, but your batteries won't operate as well when they're cold. I'd look in to the new Lithium Polymer batteries. I know lithium in general is affected less by the cold than other batteries, but it still has it's limits and I'm not sure if it includes the Li-pol. Also, with my TM M16 A1 I think some part of the plastic body must have contorted in the low temperatures because it would not feed properly. BBs were getting stopped up in the barrel, though other people's guns were fine. Gas guns will definitely not work in the cold. Overall, for springs, It is doable, but you may need to replace some parts sooner and they may not work properly at all which would obviously put a stop to your game. I'm guessing that humidity higher than 80% could pose a problem for electric guns, and potentially cause rust on any gun. Again, as long as you're oiled up, you should be ok.