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can you play podcasts on a 2nd generation iPod nano? Answered

right now I'm kind of mad I got this shiny 2nd generation iPod nano About...one year ago and today I went to apple.com to see if it was first or second generation or something along those lines. So I look on the site and to my surprise apple dose not even list my ipod as one of the current items apple is selling. Kind of in the same manner a group of schoolchildren shun or banish if you will;the children that they label as malcoms or something. And this made me mad. so I go back to the oringial reason of my post can you play podcasts on my 2nd generation iPod nano? because my friend told me you could. and if you can howwould you download them onto the ipod to begeain with? thank you so much.


where can i find audio podcasts?

podcasts work on any ipod. go to the store in itunes and click on podcasts and download your choice(s). 2nd gen ipods can do any audio podcasts, because they do not support videos also, podcasts are totally free