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can you plug a 230-240v 50hz juicer into a 220v 60hz? Answered


This is a tough question, but fortunately I've got my Magic 8-Ball (r) with me, a-shake-a-shake-a-shake, and the answer is:

"Most likely."

But the 8-Ball is not 100% percent reliable, so I recommend you plug the juicer into your 220 volt, 60 hertz source, and give the motor a few test pulses. I mean run it for a few seconds for to listen to the sounds it makes. Also if there is a way for you to sense, or feel, the temperature of the motor, then do this too.

If it sounds like it did before, and also the motor does not get excessively hot, then this means your juicer is happy and comfortable with its new source of electrical power, and you can confidently juice things with it.


4 years ago

You may try to do anything .... a juicer appliance is either a Masticator, a Triturator or a Centrifugal Juicer with different types of motor some will run 6/5 = 1 1/5 => 20% faster on 60 cycle over the designed speed at 50 hertz.

A quick look at these products reveals they are made to work on both frequencies so go collect your juice.

yes, it shouldnt be a problem. we are talking kitchen aplyance right?

Stupid spell check its meant to be kitchen "appliance " I guess you live in Brazil?