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can you reprogram a universal remote by aming the remote att the curcut ? Answered

im very new to programing microchips. i have been programing in visual basic 2008 for a few months now. I'v heard about this function in irshell for the psp, that actualluy lets you make new ir codes basicly you point the remote's ir emmiter to the psp's push a button on the remote and the code is writen on the psp to let the psp emmit at the same code that the remote emmits. So thats got me thinking can i build a circut that does the same job as the psp irshell. Scince im new to programming i would like to know if this is possible if so i woud like a scimatic, source code and the components needed for this project. please i need help and of cource when i get the circut working i will definatly make a instructable.



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"can you reprogram a universal remote by aming the remote att the curcut ?"

I'll answer your question but you seem to be describing another situation in your description.

No you can reprogram a universal remote by aiming the remote at the circuit.  Unless the universal remote has a memory function made for this.  And by circuit I don't have any idea what you mean by that.

A universal remote with memory is meant to be used to memorize the functions from you old remote by aiming them at each other and cycling thru the functions on the old remote so that the new universal remote has learned the commands and can parrot your old remote.

As near as i can figure, the actual question seems to be "can I build a universal remote from scratch?"
To which the answer would be "of course you could, with the proper components and skills, but why would you want to when you can buy a universal remote for a whole lot cheaper?". At least that's my take on it.

 of course you can buy 1 at a store but where is the fun in that and you learn more by doing than by buying anyway .

that is a great project except i live in south africa and have  no acses to a ardunio

And if the answer is "because I want to be able to issue IR commands from my PC", there are designs and software out there for that purpose, in addition to off-the-shelf products; websearch will find them. (I've been thinking of building one for the PC integrated into my home entertainment center.)

Is it just me or do other people feel guilty when the most appropriate answer to a question is "go buy an off-the-shelf product"? Seems to fly in the face of the Maker spirit to just go buy stuff, but then, so does reinventing the wheel....

Depends on what the person is asking for. If they want the problem solved, pointing them to the right project may be fastest, easiest, and cheapest. If they want to understand how someone goes about designing a device to solve the problem -- and they have sufficient clue that a brief answer will get them pointed in the right direction -- that's a different matter. If they're asking for the equivalent of a college-level course, or other extensive hand-holding, and it isn't a project you particularly feel like tackling, that's yet another case.

There are a lot of questions that should be answered by "just go buy one".    The only reason to diy some stuff is just to see if you can or to learn from it.  Very seldom can you save any money by diy.

Don't feel guilty.  Buying off-the-shelf frees up time and money for bigger and better projects!

 if you get around to building that project pleas send me the instructions my email in jordaan0@gmai.com

No, but if I get around to building it I may post an instructable. (E-mail helps one person. A website posting helps the whole community.)