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can you shrink heat shrink tube with a hair dryer? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

Hair dryere dont get quite HOT enough... but if you BLOCK the air going INTO the hairdryer with your hand... then the air blowing out gets lots hotter. The problem you may run into is there is an OVERHEAT fuse link inside all newer hair dryers. If you overheat the dryer, it will trip this fuse. This may ruin your hair dryer. If you only block a LITTLE of the air going in... maybe you will not trip the fuse-link. You can also shrink the tubes by holding your soldering iron very close but not touching it. Only works if no breeze is blowing (working outside breeze or deskfan blowing). Hold the iron UNDERNEATH because heat RISES.

Some heat shrinks can be shrunk using a hair dryer and also some can be shrunk using boiling hot water. It all depends which you use.

If it's shrink-able tube the answer is yes.


In a word; Yes. In a picture (1 kiloword): It took approximately 2.5 minutes to reduce the section of heat shrink on the right side of the picture from the size of the heat shrink on the left side of the picture, the heat shrink was held very close to the output of the hair dryer.


Possibly depends much on the hair dryer. Suggest limiting the air flow with some kind of heat proof cone to make the flow as narrow as possible. A paint stripper gun would be better.