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can you tape a broken piece of breadbord with scotch tape Answered

i have a problem with a piece of breadboard on a small turntable. i took it apart and and found that the strip of metal from the ac adaptor jack to the rest of the thing has a crack all the way across the strip of metal. I am lazy and inexperienced...and would like to know the easiest way to fix this problem without going to radio crack. it's not my turntable and i also want to mess it up any more. i don't have a soldering gun, but i do have other stuff lying around, like an assortment of tape and glues...can anyone give me any suggestions? thekathy >:]


if you are careful, you could use insulated wire to reconect the components around the broken area. strip the insulation off the ends, tuck them under the conection point (not always posible, and only needed once on each side of the broken area), twist tight and use some electrical tape to keep it from touching anything else. no promises, not for long term repair, not for anyone who can't be carefull afterwards.

Sorry Kathy. For best results, you would have to carefully sand the surface a small distance on both sides of the crack and then create a solder bridge between them. This would not only fix the break but add support to the broken board. This is also only if the are no traces (seperate copper lines) along the break. In the case of multiple traces, I would superglue the crack adding reinforcement where needed and install wire jumpers to bridge each broken trace.