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can you tell me how to design t shirts with led lights and moves with the beat to the music ? Answered



4 years ago

I did a belt that opposed rotated radial leds in response to waist rotation and needed no uP..
The battery, switch and ball sensor were in the buckle.
Simple shift registers were dispersed along the belt.

Your shirt will want a sound pickup and active filter for low frequency drum beats and one for
at least one more frequency better if three total.
Essentially your shirt is a battery run uP color organ.

I would add an accelerometer to add your body movements as an extra dimensions in
lighting led sprite shots running around the shoulder blades or radiating nipple pulses.

This design needs a microprocessor and frequency discriminating active filter ICs and
some batteries probably hung on a belt and a mini 36 pin connector so you can dress.

If you are good at software a single DSP ( Digital Signal uProcessor ) is all you really need
because it can discern the frequencies to light the leds in to the sound tempo.


just search e-bay or google for already made ones. I'm sure you will find one that suits you.

well you can use smd led they are small bright and flat enough for your project

Look online for a clap circuit. You can always replace the mic with an audio jack to plug directly into the input source. Also look into e-textiles. You'll find a line of components designed to be sewn into cloths using conductive thread.