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can you turn your wirefeed welder into a plasma cutter. Answered

can you turn your wirefeed welder into a plasma cutter.  if you replace your gas line with an air line  and connect the cables to the  ,- terminals?


You might be able to.  You'll need the air control and the feed hose and cables.  Buy the cutting head that fits the cables.

You might have to adapt your connections also.

Be careful with the duty cycle.

Let me know how it comes out, I've got one that I would love to do the same thing to.

will let you know as soon as i get a chance to work on it

 Unlikely without substantial electrical modifications. Plasma cutters usually use high-voltage, high-frequency to start ionizing the gas. Most wire-feed welders are DC only, except for the quite expensive models, and I don't think the frequency is high enough even in the AC models.  There may be some way of making it work, but for the time, cost, and possible danger, it's probably best to just buy a plasma cutter.

i have the cables,hose and cutting head for a plasma cutter.
i thought i might be able to adapt it
thank u for your input

What kind of thickness were you thinking of cutting ? 

body panels on cars
my son whats to change a few things on his car

Did you look at Youtube.com.  There are some videos about homemade plasma cutters.

no i havent   but i will be sortly
thank u for your replie