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can you use a bread knife as a snow saw? Answered

i was wanting to make an igloo during the winter but a snow saw is expensive and my family has a bread knife from paula deen cookware.




5 years ago

Yes. I have too :)

That said, for igloo building it is not quite ideal. A machete will do you better, as the extra length really helps the fitting stage.

I do snow science, and a bread knife is an integral part of our field equipment. That a putty spreader, and a paint brush.

Have a look at this video too: http://www.nfb.ca/film/how_to_build_an_igloo/

Any saw will work. The more teeth it has the cleaner the cut you'll get. As bwrussell suggested be sure to clean and dry the blade afterwards.

I'm sure it will work, maybe no as cleanly as a real one but good enough for a backyard igloo. A hacksaw could also work. Just make sure to dry it afterward so it doesn't rust.