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can you use a shop vac to fill a pillow? Answered



Well, yeah... but wouldn't the pillow be all hard and lumpy and uncomfortabe, and the shop vac difficult to use from inside the pillow cover? ;)

(sorry... I just couldn't resist)

Simple answer is yes. Complicated answer is how : ) You could use the pillow cover as the bag in the shop-vac, then suck up the feathers (but they will tend to stick to the filter and get dirty on the trip through the hose). You could use the shop-vac to provide air pressure to 'throw' the feathers into the cover like they stuff animals at 'Build-a-Bear' stores. It kind of depends on what the feathers start out in and their condition.


9 years ago

Are you asking whether a shop vac can be reversed to blow its contents into a pillow, or whether you can put a pillow cover on the outflow of a shop vac to fill it (with air/foam/etc)? Most of these things will work, but I agree with purduecer - we could probably answer your question easily with a bit more info.

As long as the shop vac is a bit smaller than the pillow, probably. I guess I'm not entirely clear on what you're asking...