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can you use dial up internet with the wii? Answered

i dont have a router  and dont want to buy one just 4 the wii



I'd imagine that if you did actually get dial-up working for the Wii, it would be too slow and most of the requests would time out.

If you are not wanting to buy additional hardware... like the GAC-150 WiFi Dial Up Router... then to use dial-up with your wii will require you to share the dial-up connection you obtain through a computer... if you have a PC then you may share your dial-up to another network adapter... if you have a laptop you should be able to share your dial-up connection to your wifi (and set up an ad-hoc connection between your wii and your laptop)... It all really depends what you have available... but the wii can certainly use dial-up through another device... it's just whether you have another device to use... let us know what you have... and we'll go from there :)

In order to use a "wired" connection with the Wii you need to buy a separate adapter.

As long as your dial up connection comes through an ethernet cable you should be good to go. I've never had dial up, so if it comes in through a different cable (a phone cable) you may need another adapter.

Good luck!