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can you use magnetic sheets in any laser or inkjet printer or just one or the other? Answered

Or is there a printer that you should not use the magnetic sheets in?



i was able to print on a single sheet of ink jet magnetic sheet(AVERY 3270)
on my canon Image Runner 7055 color laser printer. I then waited until unit had
cooled down(10-14 minutes). I then did a single sheet feed test with 65% surface
area test. I also set my media to very thin 50m/g^2. The sheet was 8.5x11 and I fed it in my stack bypass.

It will say on the package whether it's designed for inkjet or laser. Unless I am mistaken, they are available for each type. Still, you should be able to use an inkjet-sheet in a laser printer, but not likely the other way around.

Laser printers use a hot fuser unit - putting non-heat resistant materials through them can be bad news. Don't you mean laser-sheet will be OK in an ink-jet, the worst that will happen is it doesn't print well?


(I don't think cheap inkjet print heads have any componants that are particularly sensitive to waek magnetic field)

. I've used laser printers almost exclusively for the last 15-20 years or so (I can go 3-4 months without printing anything and ink-jet jets will dry out; impact is too slow and noisy) and the only "paper" I've had problems with lately were thin transparencies. . I think GF is on the right track about the finish being the main difference nowadays. It seems to me that most "papers" being sold today are laser-safe and they tweak the finish on products designed for ink-jet. . I'd be more worried about the thickness of a magnetic sheet and the possibility of the sheet magnetically sticking to internal parts. YMMV.

I've run them through many laser-printers with no ill-results. With plastic products like this, they're usually the same product, except the inkjet one has some additional treatment (like a matte surface to help the ink stick or an added layer of actual paper). Been doing it for years as a typesetter/graphics designer/desktop publisher/offset-press publisher. The only thing I had trouble printing on with laser, was a chinese dollar-store package of transparancies... but they only started melting after thirty or so. I've had more trouble with my inkjet, which has ruined more expensive papers than I can count.

Interesting. I have seen things (even paper) get too hot in printers on occasion, but not had much use of inkjets. L

I wrongly assumed they were one and the same....looks like I need to check the packaging before I damage my printer heads.