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cant see all comments Answered

I cant see all the comments in this theme
statistic buttons says, that the theme contains 1423 comments, but the "More Comments" button works only at first press.
I am able to see only last 65 comments. 
can you fix that please ?

regards :) 


That happens with older Instructables; comments can drop off over time.

If it is your Instructable you should be able to track them in your comments, but when it is someone else's Instructable it is not that easy.

I am premium and I have the same trouble.

I have about 20 years free premium want a year free?

Ah, thank you for reporting this!

This looks like a bug, and has been reported to the site's engineers to investigate.

An answer to your question below: upgrading to premium membership allows you to download and save the content of individual Instructables in pdf format for offline use, and would not affect this buggy aspect you are seeing.