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can't upload!! Answered

I loaded everything... and I clicked under my youtube video on "share", copied the link url from youtube, pasted it in the proper box,  clicked "publish"... the system keeps telling me that I need an imbed code!!!  What am I doing wrong??


You need the "old embed code" from YouTube. The URL on its own doesn't work. So... click on "share" from the YouTube video, then "embed" and check the box for "use old embed code". Then copy everything in the box, and paste using the "embed video" icon (in the Instructables editor).

You don't need the old code any more, but you do need to click on "embed" on YouTube to get the code you need (the sharing URL they give is just a link to take you to the video on YouTube).

Thanks for your reply... I did have to use the old code to get my submission accepted. Have a great day!