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canucksgirl Answered

Has anyone heard what has happened to canucksgirl?  She was such a prolific writer on instructables.  I haven't seen anything for quite a while and she has done so many good things here.  Does anyone know if she is alright?


I have now heard from canucksgirl. She is recovering and when better will be back on instructables.

Thanks for the update, bric. I've been wondering where my favorite Canadian Wizard has been hiding, too! Hope she's ok and has recovered (from ?) SOON!

I got an email from her last week. I know she's been very busy with work and family recently.

That's good to know Jayefuu . It just seemed to be a bit strange for her to go absolutely quiet. I did send her an email about 4 weeks ago but never got a reply or acknowledgment.

have you tried to PM her?
might be just what she needs

Dang, you're right!