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capacitors amd leds Answered

ok, so i have 20 leds of different colors from radio shack(i know, got 50% off tho) a an experimentor breadboard, 4 mometary switches, and 4 330v 80uf capacitors. just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what i could do with this stuff ive had sitting around for 3+ months. oh and i forgot i have a 555 timer chip too, dont know that ill be using it though. oh, and how do you charge a capacitor, like what is + and what is -, then any voltage applied is stored, right?



10 years ago

Couldent you make a 555 light dimmer cuircuit or something, just some resistors and stuff needed. Use the 555 as a variable cycle oscilating thingy.

your thinking of a triac.

good link. very interesting. on the same site, i learned what a shmit trigger was.

Thanks, and probably also what a Schmitt trigger was LOL *sorry*

in my defense, spell check thought i meant sh*t. and i was hungry.

I have to check that out...... shmit Oh, ok LOL um, you were hungry ? I assume that means you were in a hurry, not that the spell checker's suggestion "made you hungry" ;-)

First, the + is the positive leg of the capacitor, and is to be hooked to the positive side of a circuit. The - is negative or ground. A DC voltage applied to the capacitor will charge it, to a certain extent, at a certain rate (depending on the source voltage and the capacitor rating). Once charged, there will be no further flow of electricity until the capacitor is discharged. A capacitor in an AC line is normally used in (for instance) a power supply to smooth out the ripples (converting it more closely to DC). AC voltage will flow through the capacitor without much hindrance. If you had a bunch of resistors too, you could do all kinds of "timing" projects with the 555 and LEDs. I really wish they had not discontinued the LM3909. That was one sweet little ic for flashing LEDs

definitely timing circuits. i hear rc circuits with leds flashing as the caps discharge. for those, you need a ujt though.

actually i was debating almost getting a LM3909 because they had 5-8 left there. if id of known that i would of grabbed one or two...guess ill check back tomorrow, hope they still have some after a couple months

Yeah, like the good ole ZN414 chip, the Radio in a transistor, literally; I haven't been able to find either of these for eons.