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car audio installation Answered

So I have recently purchased an 8 inch subwoofer from a garage sale, wich was already mounted in the box. It has 2 inputs, a red and a black. I currently have it hooked up in replacement of the stock passenger side rear speaker in my 1999 ford ranger XLT, and it works well, but is not very loud. My question is 2-fold. 1: how would I go about wireing the speaker so that it could be used in addition to both the stock rear speakers without decreasing sound quality or volume, and 2: How could I increase the volume of just the subwoofer without affecting the other speakers? I have heard that there are "bass amplifiers" that i could hook in line but have not seen where I could purchase/ build one. Schematics and links would be very helpfull!


No sir.With a normal amplifier you will get output in all the frequencies.If that amp has a sub woofer output then that output will give you the low frequency needed for the sub woofer.
There are amplifiers just for sub woofers which you can use to control the volume of the sub woofer independent of the other 2 speakers.


7 years ago

You need an amplifier. The signal from your head unit does not provide enough power to properly drive the subwoofer. The amplifier will address both of your issues by not using the wires for your stock rear speaker and the gain knob on the amplifier will allow you to increase / decrease the amount of "bass" without changing the overall volume.

If you are looking for car audio amplifiers try sites like Crutchfield.com. If you really want to build your amplifier you can get kits from Partsexpress.com but I think the amps made for car audio will be cheaper / easier in the long run.

so all i need is a normal amplifier? i don't need anything special since it will only be driving the subwoofer?