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car stereo system for my computer & gaming chair? Answered

Wanting to set up a car stereo system for my computer gaming chair. I've seen the instructables on running car stereos using psu power sources. Would that be a good way of setting it up for next to comp use?

Also, would using the usb plugin on the stereo be the best way to get the comp to send sounds through the stereo? if so is there a trick to it? Otherwise any help with the making them communicate properly would be wonderful.

Any info is greatly appreciated, but try to keep it as layman as you can I'm just a beginner with big ideas. ^^


You can always connect speakers/stereo into any electronic device that has the same output plug but in case you cant you can jack it up by twicking each items input/output jack. You just need to have enough information on both devices to be able to have a great result. Also consider the fact that every year technology advances so you should research the model and the brand of the items you want to connect with each other then try to find added information online. You can also want to look up Ink for Printers online to check stuffs about computer docks, output jacks and other info you need for computer to be able to connect it in a way that it'll serve its purpose. Having that perfect setup of car speakers/stereos with your computer will give you one hell of a gaming experience and also movie, music experience. hit me up if you have successfully pull it of.

If you use a car stereo with amplifier, make sure to get one with a line in - that way it can take the signal from the computer without conversion.

As for using the psu, I would advise picking up a >1farad capacitor (bank) to smooth out any noise coming from the psu.

There's no reason you can't use car equipment, but why not home equipment designed for home use (already 120/240v compatible)

glad to hear line in will work, that makes life easier. also thanks for the capacitor heads up.

wanting to go with the car system cause to be honest i have cheaper access to those pieces, lol.

If you can't find a stereo with "line in" (aux in) jack, which is mostly on
the newer stereos, you can try finding an older stereo with a cassette player.
They used to make a fake cassette adapter that basically turned the
cassette player into a "line in"

Search "cassette adapter" on EBAY and you"ll see what I mean.
Plug cassette adapter into pc soundcard then put cassette adapter into
car stereo cassette player. Keep pc sound volume low going into adapter.

ty, was wondering if a straight old school line in would work, but wasn't sure.