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carbon fiber sheets Answered

I need 2x2 twill, cheap


FYI. MBrandt1 is misrepresenting himself as a consumer, when in fact, he is the owner of Protech Composites. His statements are biased and not to be trusted.

Well, what can I say, it was true, I was being biased of course to promote our products. It was for commercial interests. That said, I must also disclose that I am no longer associated in any way with this company.

That's what it sounds like, but alas neither of us could probably prove this. I'm not ready to buy carbon fiber just yet anyway, I need a garage to work in.

Try Protech Composites - they have by far the best carbon fiber sheets i've seen. (www.protechcomposites.com) I've bought from 5 different places over the past year, and they by far win the competition. They are almost the lowest cost too, which is strange given how great the product looks (I'm not complaining!) Also, coming in second place is probably dragonplate. Their quality is not quite as good as Protech, and the down side is they are about twice the price - but another option anyway. I would totally stay away from anyone selling carbon panels much cheaper than the first guys, you really get what you pay for and I blew about $200 on crap panels before I wised up. Hope that helps! Good Luck. Mark