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cat running out the door Answered

I'm looking for a device to stop my mom's cat from darting out the door.  My mom is 78 yo. and doesn't react especially fast. 
I'm wanting some sort of electric mat that will only be activated when the one cat is on or near it.  The door is used constantly by humans and the dog uses the door also.  Therefore, it can't be activated by stepping on the mat. 

I'm thinking of a collar device that the cat would wear that activates the mat or activates a air burst or sprayer, etc.

Any ideas?



You could try re-posting this question in either the Forums:Burning Question or the Q&A section. Those parts of the site seems to get monitored more closely by more people than most of the forums do. The real techie types may not cruise the Pets forum.

I would guess that an RFID - activated switch on a fan or buzzer is what you need (with the cat wearing the RFID tag). Sadly, I am not techie enough to build it, but hopefully this will give you a starting point. Any Arduino wizards out there with concrete ideas?

I have 2 sneaky cats that wait for opportunities to dart outside. i usually just pick the would-be escapee up and then open the door for the dog but it doesn't sound like this is an option here.

You can try something like the invisible fence. That sounds like what you are describing. Google it to find suppliers.