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cell phone to computer.? Answered

i want to transfer pictures from my cell phone, which no longer has sevice, to my computer.I dont have any cables or cords that came with the phone.is this possible? thanks.


Bluetooth is a great solution.If your phone is advanced enough upload it first to facebook and then copy it to your computer.

If it's possible or not completely depends on the make and model (and sometimes the carrier) of your phone.

If you have a new phone with service you might (emphasize might) be able to save the photos to the sim card in your old phone, move the sim card to your new phone and copy them to the other phone.

This will only work if you have enough memory on your sim card (most just have a few K) and if both phones offer the ability to copy to and from.

If you have a new phone with the same phone company you can try putting the new sim card in your old phone and using it that way.

Some phones can be plugged into a computer with a miniUSB cable. It will look just like a hard drive on your computer and you can copy the files that way.

Or you might take the old phone down to the store where you had service and ask them really nicely if they can help you. They might have a data cable they can use or reactivate the phone for long enough to email/mms the photos somewhere else.


8 years ago


Is this cell phone even capable of connecting to a computer. Not all phones will you know. What ports are on the phone? better yet what kind of phone is this?