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change fuses in my panasonic projection tv model # pt-61hx42f Answered

I need help to find the 3 fuses in my tv so I can replace them.manufacturer says there are three of them the model # PT61HX42F100 panasonic projection. I pulled out one of them (the glass one) and took it to radioshack and it is still good. i turn the tv on and it clicks on/off and red button flashes then nothing. I was told its the fuse. How do I check the others when I dont know what they look like?


(Maybe your bulb failed?)

seconded. Projection tv's (not the kind that have 3 photon guns) have a lightbulb that needs changing every few thousand hours.

"3 photon guns"? You mean the RGB things with three massive glass lenses? L

yessir - older ones were literally crt's with lenses that shot the picture at the screen. Recently someone posted a question wondering why there was a radiation warning sticker on the guts.

"I was told its the fuse"
By whom? Do you trust them?
Fuses fail because of another problem, telling someone "it's the fuse" is a very easy answer which requires no actual knowledge of the machine / device.
What happened, what doesn't work now and how?