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change rotation speed | standard clock part Answered

hi all is there an easy way to speed up a standard clock module part (please see attached JPG picture). - would like it to turn 3 times faster. - can add any extra external circuit - can increase the voltage i.e. 2 x AA instead of one i know v. little about electronics. Also important to know how this will affect the power consumption.... thanks


You change the regulation - i.e. the quartz oscillator / pendulum / balance wheel. Or you change the gear train. Show pic? L

hello all - new to this... :-/ Have uploaded pic here (sorry about that) want to make the simplest change as possible to increase the speed of output. perhaps a diff. quartz would do the trick????


You might be able to tap the cogs at a different point but the drive in these things is rather weak, I'm not sure about upping the voltage, it might be better to say what you want to do (project/build) and maybe we can come up with something? L

hi lemonie, if the oscillator/quartz inside this module was 3 times faster...would that solve it?

Probably, but that's a difficult job to do, as these things are so tiny. What do you want it for? L

hi lemonie - its for a little project where i use this to turn something for long period of time...a conventional motor would last a 3rd of the time on the same power. i attached a pic showing the back half dis'assembled, it connects to a pcb in such a way that the power pins slot into pcb power pins - thus powering on connection.....i dont understand much about the electronics here - but is there a possibility to change the speed from what you see?... (thanks again)

sorry - here's the image


hello lemonie - thankyou for your continued response. would you mind altering the picture with arrows to show which parts can be changed to alter the speed?.... about the gears - surley i'd have to make the white central one much smaller....and the transparent one bigger. i worry about space. would be much better if it could be done electronically...what do you think? (thanks again)

OK, I see an adjustment on the right hand side, you might be able to use that (by replacing it), maybe. The quartz can is over on the left - might replace fairly easily. But see how the gears move - do you thing you might be able to interfere with them - taking drive off a faster one? L

Not having seen the module... I'd suggest the low-tech solution of a gear train.

presuming it is a digital clock, IFF you can break into the circuit (which may be quite difficult if its embedded at the semiconductor level), then you could replace the clock chip with one the runs at a higher frequency

Or the oscillator or crystal with one that oscillates at 3 times the freq.

yep..whatever the source, *if you can get at it.

No picture was attache. Adding another battery is unlikely to increase speed. Is this a mechanical or electronic clock?