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changing the rating system Answered

  After being on instructables I have notice that the rating system is a five out of five system without a way of getting any indication to why the vote count is high or low, On sites like deviant art if you want to rate a drawing the artist has to turn on critiques in which you have to give a 100 word paragraph with a rating on why it's bad or good, so on a site that glorifies Tom F**KING Preston we should have a better system for ratings. 
  Having a requirement to write well thought out critique or reason why the voted low on something will not only discourage those who go around down voting everything because there jealous or because they want to make there chances of winning a contest higher is silly, it will also help to improve the quality of the instructables by getting proper feed back on what to fix in the instructable. Have the comment and ratting together with a little fair or not fair button with the comment.



5 years ago

I've noticed the low ratings in the photo edit and the drawing contest this sometimes happens in contest where some people think they can improve their chances of winning by lowering the ratings of other entries. That is why ratings is no longer included as a sorting criteria on entry listings on contest pages. This is petty and juvenile, but I don't think it effects the outcome of contests.

Though it can make an instructable look bad when it doesn't deserve it, especially long after the contest is over, people would wonder why it is rated so low.

I guess that is what happens when there are such desirable prizes like Ipads, people get greedy.

Personally I ignore the rating my projects are given - I value any single comment over a dozen ratings, positive or negative.

Your suggestion is too complicated: people have short attention-spans, the star system is easy enough that people use it sufficiently for it to serve a purpose.*
Feedback on what to fix achieves nothing unless someone actually fixes it, and comments are feedback on what to fix in the instructable anyway.


*It's statistics / points

You can always leave detailed critique (and disclose your personal rating) in the comments below every Instructable, the project author is then notified of comments on their work.