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charging 10s5p battery pack Answered

I'm working on an ebike conversion. I'm buying laptop batteries to take out the 18650s and put them in my pack. I'm looking at a 10s 37v pcm. If I make it in 10 sets of 6 to get 37v 14.4ah, then how can I safely charge the battery so that they don't charge unevenly in each set?



4 years ago

I'll be able to remove the battery pack from the bike, but I will not be removing cells from the battery

Each pack needs to be wired in either series or parallel, not both. Each pack needs to consist of all new batteries and be from the same manufacture. Then you can run each pack together in parallel for powering the motor and charging. You should be fine as long as you have an adequate lithium charger that will support the overall voltage of the packs.

Keep the batteries in there current configuration and adapt a system to plug them into the bike. Then you can disconnect them and place them in a compatable charger.

If I do that, wouldn't I have to take apart the battery every time I ride the bike?

Yes you would need to remove the batteries and place them in chargers. It's the best way to to get them to charge evenly and fully.

I figured that for the groups in series would need balancing. my only concern was the cells in parallel

Do I even need to worry about the charge on a battery made up of parallel cells? Doesn't the voltage on one always equal the voltage on another?