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charging a 450v 1800uf capacitor? Answered

hi how would a charge a 450v 1800uf capacitor? i used to charge it with a photo flash circuit but the small capacitor would burn out making me unable to charge it. i do not know how to read schematics. is there any step by step video any one can provide?



3 years ago

Use a constant-current source that can deliver constant current to the capacitor. The current you choose will directly change how fast the capacitor charges. Make sure the unloaded voltage is quite high. You can use a LED ballast that supplies 350mA at 400V. I thought they exist because I have one that was burned out from an old LED street lamp. It would have been ideal!

Use mains voltage, a diode and a resistor. And stand well back. This thing stores enough energy to kill easily.

1 it will initially drew considerable current. hence you problems

2. It will be very dangerous to life when fully charged That is life threatening not just Ouch.

3. Charge it will a dc power supply of not more then 400 volts through a suitable resistor R. the charge time will be 60% of .001800 x R seconds.